This week in #Scala (Sep 28, 2020)

This blog aims to keep you up to date with the latest news from the world of Scala and Reactive programming.

It has been a week since the previous #ThisWeekInScala so lets catch-up on the latest Scala & Reactive happenings…

New Content


  • Metals v0.9.4 is out with new analyze stacktrace functionality, customizable package exclusions, and quick-worksheet creation!
  • Tofu 0.8.0 is released with new abstractions for streams, blocking, and more
  • sbt 1.4.0-RC2 released
  • Akka Projections 1.0.0 is out
  • caliban 0.9.2 available

In case you are looking for new challenges, pay attention, because Disney Streaming Services is hiring!




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Petr Zapletal

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